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Have You Been Injured in a Ride–Sharing Accident?

Ride-sharing companies have taken America by storm. The concept of readily available “taxis” without the hassle and inconvenience has truly been disruptive to the industry. Consumers stand to gain from available transportation, low-cost and also convenience.

As our area continues to grow, the number of accidents caused by ridesharing companies increases on a daily basis. We continue to receive more and more calls after a Uber accident or a Lyft accident.

If you are injured in an accident involving a rideshare company, hiring an experienced and reputable attorney is your first step. Whether the accident involves a Lyft or Uber driver vehicle or whether you are a passenger in a ridesharing vehicle, obtaining quality representation is a must to maximize your compensation.

Our law firm works hard to make the process as simple and is worry free as possible while fighting to maximize your financial compensation for serious injuries. We limit our cases to be able to serve better the clients that we do accept.

If we take your case, our job is to maximize your financial recovery, and your job is to heal and recover from your injuries. The value of each personal injury case depends on many factors including, how the accident occurred and what the medical doctors who treat you, say about your injuries.

Fortunately, both Uber and Lyft companies carry commercial policies to help protect those who are seriously injured.

Do I need a personal injury attorney?

There are cases that do not require a personal injury attorney.

Clear liability with minor injuries such as a checkup only may not require an attorney to help you. The general rule is, the more serious the injury, the more likely you will need an attorney to maximize the amount of money that you take home.

Insurance companies routinely lowball victims who are not represented and also infer early on that the victim does not need to hire an attorney. Usually, this is done by “accepting responsibility” or “admitting liability’ giving the victim the sense that the company will be fair with them when they talk settlement.

This strategy by insurance companies often helps insurers by mistakes made by the victim who did not know what to do after the crash to protect their financial interests. Delay is a benefit to the insurance company.

How We Help Rideshare Accident Victims

At the Gibbs & Parnell Law Firm, we have been helping accident victims for over three decades with excellent results. Our law firm is not a “case mill,” and we are very selective in the cases that we accept to be able to give your case the time and attention it deserves.

We offer free consultations for injury accidents and charge no fee unless we put money in your pocket. Home and hospital consultations are available by appointment. Call us 813-975-4444

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