4 Things The Insurance Adjuster Won’t Tell You After An Accident

4 Things The Insurance Adjuster Won’t Tell You After An Accident

1. Insurance Adjusters Aren’t There to Help You We are out to pay as little as possible on any claim that is our fault. Insurance adjusters who work for their company in-house are paid to save as much money as they can for their company. If you are injured by one of their insured’s, their job is to pay as little as it possibly can on your claim. 2. When we tell you “we accept responsibility” that only means that we will probably make you an offer that you will find insulting. Time after time again, families find that their assumption that they would be treated fairly after the insurance company accepted responsibility was a bad assumption. Some adjusters use this as a method to prevent an injured party from seeking legal advice, thinking they can handle the claim themselves. It is only after several months and during the first conversation about money that the injured victim understands that they need a lawyer. Unfortunately, often the case is not adequately developed and the damage has been done by failing to seek legal advice early on after the accident. 3. You will not like our property damage settlement. Insurance companies largely have the upper hand when it comes to property damage claims made by third parties who were not their own insured. Persons whose vehicles have been damaged through no fault of their own are forced to negotiate the best they can with the insurance company. We often recommend that folks process the claim with their own insurer to receive some element of fairness! 4. You should hire an attorney. For those people who are seriously injured the issues involved in a serious injury claim can be confusing and complicated even for experienced people. Hospital liens, health insurance payback claims and amount of compensation from the third-party are all items that require experience in handling. When an insurance company has a large exposure on a serious injury or wrongful death claim they will do everything they can to keep the family from hiring an experienced and reputable attorney. As you probably know, if they do not want you to get an attorney it is your first clue you should hire one.

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