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Hit and run motorcycle accident on Interstate 4 kills one

States that enjoy year-round warm weather, like Florida, allow additional options for transportation. When the weather is warm, walking, riding a bike or riding a motorcycle are all viable options for traveling. But all of these modes of transportation unfortunately come with a downside: they can often be more dangerous than traveling in a car. For example, a motorcycle accident can leave the rider with serious long-term injuries or it can even be fatal.The injuries in a motorcycle accident can be much more severe because a motorcycle does not have the same safety features that a car does, such as seatbelts, windshields and doors. As a result, a motorcyclist hit by another vehicle is often thrown from the bike, whereas passengers in cars are often protected by air bags and seatbelts. Recently, a Virginia man was killed in a motorcycle accident near Orlando. The motorcyclist was riding west on Interstate 4 around 1 in the morning when a car in another lane merged into his lane and hit the motorcyclist. The impact threw the motorcyclist from his bike.The motorcyclist was then hit by a passing van. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.The car that merged into the motorcyclist fled the scene of the accident. The car was found around half a mile away abandoned on the side of the road. The driver has been identified, but has refused to speak to investigators thus far.Oftentimes, motorcycle accidents result from the negligence of another driver. If that is the case, the injured motorcyclist is generally entitled to compensation for his or her injuries if he or she can prove the negligence cause the accident. The compensation often covers costs of both short and long term injuries, medical care and pain and suffering.Source: Tampa Bay Times, "Seffner car involved in fatal crash in Seminole County," Mar. 10, 2013

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