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Car collides with moped, leaves two dead in Tampa

A moped offers riders a sense of freedom similar to what is found in higher powered motorcycles. With its laid-back speed, a moped can seem like the ideal way to move around the Florida warmth -- the range of movement and slower pace feel appropriate for the tropical climate. But despite the laid-back feel, a moped crash is likely to be just as devastating as any other motorcycle accident.Three people riding on a moped tumbled onto a Tampa highway after a car crashed into them. Both passengers died and the driver was left with severe injuries. The woman driving the car had a suspended license; she fled the scene, and police officers found her later that day at her home. She claimed to have not seen the moped. Many drivers involved in motorcycle accidents make similar claims: they didn't see the rider, the rider came out of nowhere, the rider was in their blind spot, etc. In many such cases, these claims can be used in court as proof of negligence. Whenever negligence can be proven -- negligence meaning any carelessness the driver may have displayed -- victims have the right to take legal action. By taking legal action, a motorcyclist can be compensated for medical expenses and other costs.Victims who sustain serious injuries or are killed in accidents like this, as well as their families, may wish to discuss their options with a legal professional. Nothing can erase the terror of living through a motorcycle accident or having a loved one die as a result of one of these collisions, but the people involved shouldn't have to suffer the burden of medical and other expenses. A legal professional can help motorcycle accident victims take action and pursue compensation for the devastation and loss caused by a negligent driver. Source: Tampa Bay Times, "Two die when car strikes moped in Tampa, troopers say," Dan Sullivan, Oct. 7, 2013

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