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Tractor-Trailer rollover injures two in multi-vehicle crash

Vehicles of all sizes share the roads here in Florida, moving people and cargo from place to place. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that preventable accidents occur each day involving all types of vehicles, including semi-trailers. Basic laws of physics tell us that when such large objects forcibly make contact with smaller ones, the damage can be great.Sadly, two Floridians recently discovered how true this can be following a morning accident involving a tractor-trailer. According to police, the accident occurred at an intersection of two roads. A small vehicle driven by a young male pulled into the intersection as the truck was approaching. Apparently, the truck driver veered left to attempt to avoid the car, but was unable to avoid making contact. The resulting collision flipped the trailer onto its side, which in turn fell onto another vehicle heading in the opposite direction. The resulting damage to the second car meant that responders had to extricate the female driver from the car. Both drivers from the smaller vehicles were rushed to local hospitals with serious injuries. The report noted that a police investigation into the multi-vehicle crash was ongoing, but that charges were pending.Once stable, those injured may face a lengthy recovery time from this truck accident. Aside from mounting medical bills, both may face time away from work, which can mean significant lost wages. Those injured may have concerns over how they can stay afloat financially - a situation made all the more difficult when the accident is caused by a negligent driver.Recovery in cases involving truck accidents can be complex, because truck drivers and the truck company that employs them can often be sued for damages. An independent investigation and lawsuit headed by an experienced personal injury attorney can help those injured in Florida understand their rights and seek the compensation they need to return to normal life. Source: Orlando Sentinel, "FHP: Two seriously injured in Lake County crash involving semi truck," Eloisa Ruano Gonzalez, Oct. 4, 2013

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