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Wal-Mart sued for slip and fall accident

Most Florida residents visit a shop or grocery store at least a few times a week. They shop for fun and for necessities. But like most other activities, accidents can happen. One common type of accident in a store is a slip and fall accident. These types of accidents can cause serious injuries and stores are obligated to ensure that any dangerous conditions that could contribute to a slip and fall are addressed.One woman in another southern state recently filed an action against Wal-Mart for a fall in a store. In July of 2011, the woman was shopping at her local Wal-Mart. She slipped and fell as she was leaving the store in a puddle of water leaking from an ice machine in the store. The suit was filed on July 1 and removed to federal court August 2. Wal-Mart is accused of premises liability and negligence. These allegations are based on Wal-Mart's failure to correct the issue, failure to warn customers about the condition and failure to inspect the store for any unsafe conditions. The victim is asking for damages that include reimbursement for medical expenses, pain and suffering, court costs and interest.Depending on the individual involved and the type of dangerous condition, the injuries that can be sustained in a slip and fall can be serious. The injuries can include broken bones or back injuries and some of the injuries can require long term medical care. When these accidents are due to the negligence of another person or store, that party may be liable for the expenses incurred by the injured party. Source: The Southeast Texas Record, "Liberty Co. woman sues Wal-Mart after slipping, falling in water," Michelle Keahey, Aug. 12, 2013

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