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Propane facility explosion leaves 8 injured

Accidents can happen at any time. They can happen on the way to the grocery store, while changing a light bulb or even at work. Working around dangerous machinery or chemicals can substantially increase an employee's risk of being seriously injured in an accident.One example of a dangerous profession is working with combustible gases which can easily catch fire. Burn injuries can be some of the most painful injuries that a person can sustain. The problem with burn injuries is that it is impossible to tell how bad the injury is because they continually get worse before they begin to heal. Eight people were injured in Tavares when the Blue Rhino propane facility exploded Monday night. Three of the victims were transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center, which houses one of only four burn units in the state. All three were still listed in critical condition on July 30.The doctors involved in the treatment of the victims explained that accidents of this type can be extremely serious because when they occur in closed spaces, a variety of serious injuries can result. Another issue is that explosions may leave shrapnel in the burns, which can make recovery even more difficult.Burn injuries are classified by degree. For example, a second-degree burn involves only the top two layers of skin; a fourth degree burn is deep enough to affect bone or muscle.Burn injuries can lead to serious, long term rehabilitation issues. When the accident is due to the negligence of another, the injured individual may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Source: Orlando Sentinel, "Blue Rhino gas-blasts victims face long recovery," Marni Jameson, July 30, 2013

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