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NCAA facing lawsuit for student-athlete brain injuries

Most Florida residents can say they participated in a sport at some time in their life. As a child, they might have participated in tee ball, soccer or football. Some kids also decide to continue to play sports throughout school and up until college. Few are lucky enough to be able to receive a scholarship and play in college. As great a benefit as it is to go to school for free or at a reduced cost, playing a sport can include negatives. It could lead to an increased risk for serious or catastrophic injuries to the individual.One sport that is particularly injury prone and currently under scrutiny is football. The NCAA is facing a lawsuit stemming from student-athletes brain injuries due to concussions. The suit is based on the way the NCAA has treated athletes with concussions. The suit started in Illinois but the court recently ruled that a class action suit could be created for other former athletes to join in. The NCAA has made many statements in regards to their awareness of head injuries in sports. They claim that head injuries have been addressed by changes to game rules, medical care and required equipment.This is not the only news regarding concussions and head injuries in sports. The NFL and NHL have also changed playing rules to protect the player's safety. Also, NFL athletes have brought suit against the NFL for injuries they sustained while playing.The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research compiled research from the scientific community regarding when athletes can return to play after a concussion. The plaintiffs in the suit have claimed that the NCAA did not have a clear and established policy to deal with concussions.Research has shown that athletes should never play on the same day as having a concussion. These types of injuries can cause long-term health issues that may be compensable from the negligent party. Those suffering injuries in a sport could file a personal injury claim once they establish liability by a negligent party. The awarded compensation could go towards medical expenses, rehabilitation and damages.Whether an athlete or the family member of an athlete, the affected party should understand their rights following an incident while playing a sport. A qualified professional could assist them in understanding their situation and their options to gain compensation for their sufferings. Source: Florida Today, "Facing class action threat, NCAA responds on concussions," Jul. 20, 2013

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