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Deadly motorcycle accident on Interstate 4

With the always increasing price of gas, Americans are trying to find other ways to get around. One of the benefits of living in Florida is that the weather offers residents more options year round as alternative modes of transportation.One common way to get around that is much more fuel efficient is using a motorcycle. This mode of transportation comes with increased fuel efficiency but it also comes with an increase in severity of injuries in a motorcycle accident. Eastbound Interstate 4 was closed for almost five hours on a recent morning because of a fatal motorcycle crash. The accident occurred near State Road 436 which was the site of another serious motorcycle accident.The fatal accident occurred when the motorcyclist rear-ended a tractor trailer. The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident. Witnesses say that a driver stopped to help the motorcyclist. Another driver tried to avoid the accident but ended up hitting the motorcycle and flipped over into a ditch.The other accident occurred on State Road 436 near Wymore Road. This accident involved both a car and a scooter. The scooter driver in still in the hospital in critical condition.Because motorcycles and scooters both have very few safety features, an accident involving them can be very serious and often deadly. Motorcycles do not have seatbelts or windshields like a car which can lead to serious injuries such as road rash, spinal injuries or permanent disfigurement. Fortunately, if a crash is due to the negligence of another driver, which many are, the motorcyclist may be entitled to compensation for medical injuries and property damage. Source: WESH, "I-4 reopens after fatal motorcycle accident at S.R. 436," Jun. 28, 2013

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