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Food Safety and New FDA Rules

As Americans we eat more and more meals out at a wide variety of restaurants. The numbers are increasing each year. Tainted and contaminated food sickens almost 48 million people each year and results in 3000 deaths. The FDA is charged with monitoring and ensuring the safety and integrity of the food we grow, sell and buy in America.

The FDA is proposing new rules that are expected to ‘beef up’ monitoring and overall, enhance food safety. The FDA blames its poor performance on budget problems caused by the Congress. Either way, to consumers, the end result is the same; a tremendous risk to the consuming public, a gustatory Russian Roulette. With 1100 inspectors working, only 6% of the food producers and a very small percentage of imported food are adequately checked.

The new regulations do not become law for a 120 day Comment Period. The new Regulations establish more surprise inspections, more planning by the Producers for contamination avoidance, cleaner irrigation water and a greater attention to hygiene issues by the facility’s workers. The FDA wants to create a culture of avoidance rather than react to various outbreaks.

Be a vigilant consumer, be alert, seek proper medical attention early on and do not wait for the symptoms to become too severe. Keep your restaurant and grocery receipts. Food borne illness is quite common. Should you or a friend or family member become ill from tainted or contaminated food, you have substantial legal rights. Gibbs and Parnell PA have been handling these claims for decades with great success.

If you think you may have a claim, don’t hesitate to seek proper legal advice. If you have such a claim, do not speak to their adjuster or claims staff without speaking to a lawyer and have your claim properly reviewed.


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