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Bicycling on Florida's Dangerous Roads

We live in a great place to ride bicycles, almost year round. Whether you’re a recreational rider out for an after dinner spin or a seasoned, experienced rider training for the next triathlon, Florida’s roads and beautiful weather are perfect. Unfortunately the statistics show a darker and more dangerous side to such a healthy recreational activity.

In 2010, statistics reflect more than 4500 injuries to cyclists on Florida Roads. Annually, between 600 and 900 bicycle fatalities occur per year on a nationwide basis. One of America’s most enjoyable recreational activities is also one of the deadliest and dangerous.

Bicycle riding is dangerous and it is important to take note that not every incident, injury or fatality is the fault of the automobile. From ill conceived and poorly planned bicycle paths to inattentive and impatient motorists, the risk of serious injury on a bicycle is very real. There are some prudent things which a ride should do. Wear a helmet, signal your intentions, make prudent choices when picking a route, use a light, use hand signals to other cyclists know your intentions.

Florida is number one in the nation for automobile – bicycle accidents, just ahead of California and Texas. Keep this in mind the next time you go out and cruise the neighborhood on your ten speed. If you are injured or know someone who is, you may have a claim for injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of services. Whether that claim is a catastrophic brain injury and a broken limb, you need to know your rights. You need to consult with a firm like Gibbs and Parnell where we have been handling automobile – bicycle accidents for decades. We will fully and completely evaluate your claim and explain your rights and be an aggressive advocate for you.

I am reminded of an old police show; Hill Street Blues where the Commander would, every morning, tell his officers to ‘Be careful out there’ and that is a good rule to live by when you head out on your two-wheeler this coming weekend.


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