Semi truck hits Tampa area woman on way to school; 2 critical

January 30, 2014

A car accident in the Tampa area on Jan. 28 is yet another demonstration of how destructive a semi truck can be when it collides with a passenger vehicle. A woman was put in critical condition, and her son was injured, along with another teenage passenger, by this violent crash.There are few details so far about what happened, but we will share what WTVT-TV has reported. It appears that the woman was driving her son and his female classmate, both 15, to school. To get there, she had to cross an intersection in Lutz. As she entered the intersection, a semi truck crashed into her car. She apparently suffered the most severe injuries; she was listed in critical condition after being taken to the hospital. The teen girl was also in critical condition, at least at first, and the boy also required hospitalization.Many questions remain about this terrible incident. Which driver had the right of way? Did one of them go against a stop sign or red light? Was the truck speeding, or was did the driver allow his attention to be drawn to a cellphone or other electronic object?Though not every truck accident is due to driver negligence, oftentimes the crash could have been prevented if the truck driver had been acting with sufficient care for others on the road. In those cases, victims are often hit with huge costs, such as medical bills and lost wages. They also may sustain long-term pain and disability.The woman in this case is an elementary school music teacher. Hopefully, she will survive this ordeal, but she may not be able to return to class for a long time. Source: WTVT-TV, “Teacher, students hospitalized after crash with semi,” Aaron Mesmer, Jan. 28, 2014

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