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Florida motorcycle accident leaves 2 cyclists dead

There are many different ways to get around. But when the weather is nice, many Americans want to be outside to enjoy it. Fortunately, there are several modes of transportation, such as a bike or motorcycle, that are not enclosed. Unfortunately, this very exposure can put a motorcyclist at increased risk of injury or death when a negligent car or truck driver causes a motorcycle accident.A Florida woman is facing 20 years in prison for her involvement in a fatal motorcycle accident. The accident occurred on July 1, 2011. According to police, the woman ran into a motorcycle, which caused the driver and passenger to be ejected from it. Neither was wearing a helmet and both died of injuries sustained in the accident. The woman then fled the scene. She was not injured in the crash, and authorities learned of the incident when her husband called the police, leading to her arrest. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly dangerous because motorcycles do not have the safety equipment, like a seatbelt or windshield, that a car does. Motorcycle accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries from bruises to permanent disability or death. Many times, these accidents are due to the negligence of another driver, and the motorcycle rider is oftentimes entitled to compensation for his or her injuries.Some drivers claim to not have seen the motorcyclist after causing an accident. However, motorcyclists are owed the same rights as any other driver on the road, and should ensure they stand up for those rights in cases of injury due to the actions of a negligent driver.Source: The Miami Herald, "Woman gets 20 years for fatal motorcycle crash," May 2, 2013

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