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July 22, 2018

If you consider whiplash to be only a minor injury, think again. For some individuals, it can result in disabling pain and stiffness. Some victims will find themselves out of work for extended periods of time while facing a large m...

June 19, 2018

With the increase of high-tech cell phones, there is also a rise in auto accidents linked with cell phone use. If you or your loved one experienced an accident because someone was using a cell phone when driving, contact accidents...

May 22, 2018

If yes, you will likely need the services of a drunk driving attorney in Tampa. The accidents involving drunk drivers can be challenging. The drunk drivers put their own lives and the lives of others in danger. In just a few second...

May 15, 2018

You might have witnessed different types of accidents but the most common ones are rear end collisions. These accidents generally occur when one vehicle suddenly stops and collides with the back of the other.  The main causes of re...

September 8, 2016

                Florida has more than 14 million licensed drivers. Drivers of all ages engage in various tasks while operating their motor vehicles. These mobile chores run the entire gamut of behavior including eating and drinking...

March 30, 2015

Imagine yourself immediately after a car accident. Odds are you have been in one. So, you probably remember the haze of adrenaline right after the accident and the moment you check to make sure you, your passengers, and the other d...

March 24, 2015

Car accidents are always jarring, even when the driver who hits you sticks around to exchange contact information. However, when another driver strikes your car then flees the scene, what can you do to protect yourself and get the...

March 21, 2014

Accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles often result in terrifying injuries or even death. Parents teach children at a young age to look both ways before crossing a street, but drivers also have a responsibility to watch for p...

March 7, 2014

Clearly, the people most affected by a fatal car accident are the family and friends of the victim. But the story of a Tampa-area politician that is making headlines shows how a deadly crash can follow the driver for years.David Jo...

February 21, 2014

Hit-and-run car accidents are a major problem in Florida. According to WJHG-TV, about three people are killed in hit-and-run crashes each week in Florida, on average. With more than 70,000 hit-and-run accidents taking place in 2012...

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